Baguio Pines Family Learning Center

We strive to provide the highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

Our Mission

Moved to give God glory and honor, the Baguio Pines Family Leaning Center exists to support the family by providing a REAL – Relational, Experiential, Applicable, Learner-based Christian Education Program to help shape children with Biblically-based values and thereby preparing them for a life of excellence in serving God and humanity.

Our Vision

We, the men and women of Baguio Pines Family Learning Center, envision this institution as a highly respected educational ministry and a prime mover of quality Christian Education.

Our Institution

Baguio Pines Family Learning Center is recognized by the Philippine Government through the Department of Education - Cordillera Administrative Region and is given permit to operate Pre - school and Elementary courses. Baguio Pines Family Learning Center is non-sectarian and admits pupils without discrimination on the basis of race, color, disability, gender, religion, nationality or ethnic origin

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What they say about us

BPFLC truly upholds and adheres to its mission and vision to train up a child in the way of the Lord as well as its core values. You can ask any student to recite a Bible verse and they would be able to do so (with actions!) or go for the automatic Genesis 1:1! The school is indeed a second home for students for it truly feels like family. The earliest batch of graduates interacts with the most current batch like ates and kuyas to their adings, and I find that beautiful (wow). Furthermore, the school is truly blessed with teachers who are not only loyal, but are also committed to being the best “second parents” to their students, again training them up in the way of the Lord. BPFLC was home to me for nine years, and you know what? It still is.

Alton Mark D. Bayla

Batch 2014

Success comes in different forms. I’d say being successful is when I we came to know God and to obey His purpose in our lives. Thank you Baguio Pines Family Learning Center for holistically developing us and for the experiences we will surely remember.

Maureen Soriano

Preschool Teacher / Batch 2008

BPFLC has played a part in my growth as a person. I had always been reserved all throughout preschool to elementary. I did not know how to converse with my fellow schoolmates or teachers, I was shy and aloof. But for 7 years BPFLC had been my home and when I left the school , I still carried with me the values taught to us in C.L.E. I may have been socially awkward but I was still able to make friends whom I love and cherish up to this day! The greatest and most important part about the school is their love for God which I am most grateful for and truly a huge part of my journey growing up. And to that I say thank you.

Kana Perdigon

Teacher / Batch 2008

Being surrounded by amazing classmates and God-fearing teachers molded me to become who I am today.

Rodrigo Bondoc

Mechanical Engr / Batch 2011

Because your child deserves to shine.